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At AIC International Inc. we are dedicated to the marketing of various products for the fiberglass industry, through various distributors from our two branches in Ontario, CA, USA or Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Our company focuses on knowing, listening and responding to customer needs. Our entire team shares the same goal: to help your company be effective.

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AIC International Inc. is a company specialized in advanced and traditional composite materials, with more than 20 years of experience in processes such as open molding, closed molding (RTM, Vacuum Infusion, VARTM and reusable bags), auto key and outside the auto key .

Our experience covers many industries such as Aerospace, Petroleum, Gas, Wind, Military, Corrosion, Recreational, Construction, Nautical and many more.

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Our team of professionals

Our technical team helps manufacturers with their needs, be it a new process execution or new product specifications. We are a team of technicians in composite products, dedicated to helping our clients find the right solutions for the projects in which they are working.

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Alfonso Cuellar CEO


Miguel Almaraz Técnico en materiales compuestos

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Jose Guadalupe BravoGerente Técnico

Companies we represent

With service throughout North America and Latin America, AIC International offers exceptional service and personalized support. We make our customers' business our number one priority every day.